Survive and thrive with your young children (Ages 4–10) at home

Yes, it is time to appreciate and salute all public school teachers who were spending 7 hours with your children and all child care educators who actually stayed with your children for up to 10 or more hours at times each day, all day and every day! Now it is our turn!

Now that almost all of the nation is in a lock-down to protect communities against the virus, our priority becomes supporting our children while they stay home, but also ultimately, being able to work from home while everyone is also at home. As an early childhood professor, educator, and most importantly, a mother of two active and “spirited” boys, I have put together a survive AND thrive guide to support you in building meaningful time for your children and stay sane, too. Notice this piece targets children between ages 4 and 10, where children can be very versatile in learning approaches.

  1. Think of the time you will stay at home as not definite or forever, but in manageable chunks. A metaphor of a “self-guided day-camp” is the most helpful definition. With a day-camp logic, you can think of each week as focusing on a goal to achieve, e.g. a small chess tournament to be completed, a language learning target such a being able to say greetings in a new language, small scripts/poems/texts to be memorized, STEM projects, a story written over a week etc. This special focus makes the week and the completion of the tasks planned very motivating for children, something they look forward to.

Researcher, Teacher Educator, Early Childhood Educator, Professor, Mentor, Trainer, Author.

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